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Unagi - Barbecued Eel Recipe

Eel Sushi
Ungai is Japanese is for freshwater eel. Barbecued eel is usually served as nigiri sushi. I have to confess that barbecued eel is the only type of sushi I dislike. (Did I really say that?!) But if eel is your thing, the following recipe is quite easy to make. Read more…  Mail this post
Spicy Tuna Roll
Even those folks who swear they hate sushi can be won over with just one bite of a yummy Philly roll. The smoked salmon and cream cheese are a match made in heaven! This following recipe makes two large rolls. Ingredients Philadelphia Cream Cheese 4 ounces smoked salmon 2 toasted Nori sheets 1 cup sushi rice green onions dried bonito flakes (these are dried fish shavings. Leave these out if not suited to your ta
Yamamotoyama is the name of a very popular Japanesse sumo wrestler born in Saitama, Japan. Standing at 580 pounds, it’s hard to imagine he got this large on a diet of sushi or shredded seaweed. Yamamotoyama also happens to be the name of a company that makes momi nori (shredded seaweed). Momi nori sells for about $3.00 a pop, and comes packed in a crinkly cellophane bag. Although it comes in a variety of flavour
First off, Sushi Guy never really worries about calories in sushi when he’s casting a hungry eye towards a plate filled with kappa maki and shrimp nigiri. Why bother? A sushi roll or tasty plate of sashimi is probably the healthiest food choice around. The popularity of Japanese food has peaked in recent years due to the Japanese style steakhouse and sushi bars. The native Japanese diet is very low in fat an
You’ve heard me say it many times on this website – get the best rice cooker you can afford. Stop trying to cook it in a pot on your stove. A rice cooker will make your life a lot easier, especially when you’re making sushi. These handy little devices almost guarantee perfect rice everytime! Measure your rice and water, flick the on switch and you’re good to go. No need to keep an eye on it.
by James (Brighton, Michigan, U.S.A.) Sushi Zen is easily one of the best sushi restaurants around Brighton. As you walk in you are immediately greeted by a friendly staff and an aroma that overwhelms your senses. Whether you are a first time sushi eater or a veteran, Sushi Zen will accommodate your needs with an extensive list of rolls to a full dinner menu. Price can be an issue, but it is well worth it for quali
Tonkatsu is the Japanese version of a pork cutlet. In my favourite restaurant it is usually served on a bed of rice with eggs and a special sauce made of dashi stock and mirin. But in this special recipe, thin strips are rolled in toasted nori seaweed. Ingredients * 1 lb. boneless pork tenderloin sliced thinly * 2 eggs pluse 1 teaspoon of water * All purpose flour for dusting * 1/2 cup panko breadcrumbs (use regula
Before you get any funny ideas, sushi tuna recipes don’t include that gunky stuff you find soaked in two inches of vegatable oil! The following overview of this tasty fish will get you up to speed quickly on all things tuna so you can order it with confidence in a restaurant or whip up your own nigiri like the pros. In Japanese tuna is called maguro. There are about eight different species of tuna fish. The m
Making sushi requires a bit of practice. So be patient if your first attempt is a disaster!  When making sushi, remember to there are no hard and fast rules. Use your imagination and choose any ingredients that tickle your fancy. The following recipe is for thick rolls. In Japanese these are called futomaki. Ingredients Sushi rice 2 strips of thin egg omellete 1 strip of gourd seasoned in dashi stock shitake mus
This delicious volcano sushi roll might be a bit tricky to prepare but you’ll have fun eating it, even you don’t get it right the first time! Ingredients 4 sheets of toasted nori seaweed 12 oz of sushi rice (cooked and mixed with sharizu) 1 oz diakon sprouts 2 oz sliced salmon for outside of the roll 6 Tbsp smoked jalapeño aioli ½ oz wasabi powder or prepared wasabi in a tube 2 oz pickled ginger